No time to tag?  Let us help!  Only available in Elizabethtown for now.

Are there any limitations?

To participate in our tagging service, you’ll need to have at least 50 items and no more than 150 items. If you are short of the 50 item minimum but have larger toys, furniture, or infant gear, we’ll probably let you slide since those items are our BEST SELLERS. 

Our taggers MUST have your items by Thursday, August 1 for the Elizabethtown Fall 2019 Sale.

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Tagging Service Fee

Tagging service clients will pay a $25 seller’s fee up front which covers the cost of the MyConsignment Manager tagging system, as well as tagging supplies like hangers, pins, tape, bags, cardstock, and storage/transport of items to the sale.

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What do I need to know?

Tagging service clients earn 40% of each item’s selling price and receive a pass to shop the Seller’s Presale. Tagging service clients can come to pick up any unsold items at the end of the sale or we can donate them to one of the amazing local charities that we partner with.

Our taggers are pros! They generally sell 95% or more of the items they bring to the sale and they make money when you make money, so their goal will be to get your items SOLD!

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Ready to sign-up?

Want to sell with us but just too busy to tag your items? We now offer a tagging service for our Elizabethtown sale.  If you’d like be a seller but have us provide supplies and do the tagging for you, just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

If you’d like to use our tagging service, PLEASE DO NOT ALSO REGISTER AS A SELLER USING the MyConsignment Manager system.  We’ll take care of that for you!

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